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Sep 1, 2017
Vituro Health Adds Ablatherm Robotic HIFU

EDAP Partners with Leading US HIFU provider, Vituro Health Adds Ablatherm Robotic HIFU

EDAP TMS, the global leader in therapeutic ultrasound, today announced that the Company signed a partnership agreement with Vituro Health LLC, an Alabama-based organization providing HIFU therapy nationwide to patients with prostate cancer. Vituro Health has been offering HIFU Sonablate technology to its patients for years and has decided to add Ablatherm-HIFU to its portfolio to enlarge its offering. Ablatherm will be made available to Vituro Health physicians in their training facility in Sarasota, Florida or on a mobile basis, hence offering the opportunity to access Ablatherm-HIFU technology on demand.

Dr. Stephen Scionti, Medical Director at Vituro Health and Founder and Director of The Scionti Prostate Center in Sarasota, FL, commented: "I am excited to partner with EDAP and expand our offering using their technology. EDAP's technology has been the most widely used in the world and we will now have all FDA approved HIFU technologies available to treat our patients".

Clete Walker, Chief Executive Officer of Vituro Health, added: "Expanding our offering to include EDAP's technology allows us to offer our partners more value and enhances our precision prostate program. Additionally, adding EDAP to our industry leading training program allows us to ensure physicians are properly trained before they perform cases on qualified patients."

Marc Oczachowski, Chief Executive Officer of EDAP TMS, commented: "We are extremely proud to partner with Vituro Health, and bring our Ablatherm-HIFU Robotic technology into their center of excellence site in Sarasota Florida, The Scionti Prostate Center. This is going to be a great National and International reference center for EDAP's unique and superior HIFU technology."

Oczachowski added: "EDAP is honored by Dr. Stephen Scionti's choice to incorporate our Ablatherm HIFU device in his practice. Dr. Scionti is by far the most experienced HIFU urologist in the US and has performed more than a thousand treatments over more than a decade. We are looking forward to assisting his training program and first cases in September under the proctorship of the most experienced HIFU user in the world, Prof Stefan Thueroff from Munich, Germany".

About Vituro Health

Vituro Health empowers men with comprehensive prostate care during all stages of their lives. We arm partner physicians with HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) technology and other patient-centric, concierge services to elevate the standard of care and patient experiences. Vituro Health serves patients nationwide and is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with partnering physicians in Birmingham, Sarasota, Fla., Jacksonville, Fla., Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pa. the Washington metropolitan area, Dallas, Tex., Las Vegas, Nev., and Phoenix, Ariz., who are carefully selected based on their depth of experience, expertise and dedication to achieving the highest levels of patient outcomes. For more information and to learn about our physicians, visit www.viturohealth.com.